Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer love

The summer went by to fast,  I however knitted a lot (frogged a lot)

The blue sand cardigan has half of arms,  inside of pockets is also missing, and the edging.  This is probably at least one weeks worth of evening knitting in fromt of the TV.

We enjoyed the Icelandic summer (aka rain and some more rain.. or heavy clouds), in two summer houses in the south of Iceland.

Then we went to Norway, to visit my sister in law and her family.

What ended up in my suitcase, was both Finull and P2 from Rauma. 

the black and white Fanø in progress is for my 4 year old, in P2.

I participated in  10k race (Reykjavikurmarathon), on cultur night in Reykjavik. Where this yarn bombing caught my attention (on the way from the car to the start of the race).

My summer ended last night, with a Justin Timberlake concert (hence the title summer love ).  The first time Justin comes to Iceland and the concert was everyting I expected and then some more.  When I watch this clip from last night I get goosebumps and whish that I could go again. 


  1. So nice to see pictures from you holiday :) PS it's called a Fana not a Fanø ;)

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