Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Mittens

I made these in one evening, we had a "secret-Santa" game at work today, and I had this yarn on hand (leftover from this cardigan), and I really would rather be at home and watch some tv and knit than go out to a store right before Christmas.

I didn´t have time to properly photograph them, due to nearly no light at this time of the year.

Yarn: Álafoss Lopi 
Needles 4mm and 5 mm


  1. Svakalega fallegt mynstur, er þetta Álafoss lopi eða létt lopi?
    Skil þig vel með birtuna, ótrúlega leiðinlegt að taka myndir á þessum tíma árs hér á landi :)
    kv. Berglind

    1. álafoss lopi, ég féll fyrir þessu verkefni á ravelry úr álafoss lopa: