Monday, November 5, 2012

Pattern search

I´m expecting 3 skeins of Du store alpakka - tynd alpakka

So I have been thinking what to do with them, searching ravelry for inspiration. 

Here are some of my thoughts:

Pixie hat with collar :
Lettstrikket babylue .
Little sisters dress:
Baby undertrøje:
Drops - hat in 2 threads alpaca
Liten lue
Bestefar´s trøje:

There are some other patterns that I´m considering, but since nobody that had knitted with this yarn these patterns did indicate the amount of yarn used, so I´m not sure I would be brave enough to try these.

Maybe I will just make a sweater/cardigan or something that fit´s exactly for 3 skeins... or I will do hat, mittens and socks ...    This yarn is intended for the girl I´m expecting, but then I really wan´t to make a pixie hat with collar for my 2 year old, but alpaca might not be the best idea , too much stretching.

Maybe I will make another of these, just in size 6 months (for next sommer) as I really do love this old icelandic pattern where the yoke comes from, but I recently made a sweater in 6-12 months size  so maybe not the most practical thing.

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