Sunday, January 27, 2013

One less UFO

There has not been much knitting time available the last few weeks, but I managed to finish one UFO. There was one sleeve and the yoke left.

There is no pattern, as I made it up as I wen´t along. The yarn is mostly Istex Kambgarn, but also some other miscellaneous yarn for the stripes. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New model on the blog

On 10th of January 2013 my second daughter was born. She was  much bigger than her big sister, she was 4780g and 56 cm. 

This set fits her perfectly (booties and cap, cardigan, pants), but it would have been better to have more width to the arms and the body  of the cardigan(so it will last longer). I was expecting the same type as my 2 year old (born 3500g).

We are using the bring-it-on-baby-blanket a lot, so soft and light, but yet warm in multiple layers.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First sweater of the year

I decided to start this year frugally, and knit with my stash and finish ongoing projects before I buy any more yarn.

I made a car sweater for my 2 year old. She loves car´s and pink, so she was extremely happy with the sweater.

It is not very easy to photograph a independent 2 year old, so I tried to take the sweater of her and photograph just the sweater.  It ended with tears/screams as she wanted to wear the sweater and was furious that I had taken it off. The only picture I managed was her hanging on to the sweater and demanding to get it back.

So I let her choose where I should take the picture, She wanted to sit on the sofa reading a book in her car sweater.

Pattern: I based the sweater loosely on this pattern (stitch count), but I made it a raglan and with different collar. I used the cars chart  from here on Ravelry.
Yarn: One strand Plötulopi (istex) and one strand Einband (istex).  I used less than one roll (plate) of the pink Plötulopi, and more than one skein of the pink Einband.  I needed very little of the blue Plötulopi and the Einband.

This was supposed to be a granny-chic cardigan for me. But after 6 months of hibernation I decided that I would never finish it and should rather use the yarn for something else. I have already made a pair of mittens. And I have a lot of yarn left.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas presents

My favourite gift this Christmas was handmade by my 2 year old daughter. I really love it, the colour combination is beautiful, specially when it is lit.

My second favourite present was the duckling and the egg, she went with her dad to buy this present knowing exactly what to get me. It apparently took quite some time before she found the right duckling and the right egg.

There was also knitting related Christmas presents, my 2 year old got a Icelandic Lopi sweater from her grandmother, and a matching sweater/hat for her doll. She was very happy with the sweater, and the first thing she told her grandmother was that her other dolls did not own any sweaters, and asked for some more :)

I´m still very pregnant, so I didn´t get another girl for Christmas. Christmas ended here in Iceland on 6th of January. I´m now week overdue and can´t wait to get this little girl to the world.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There were over 8.000 pagevisits last year..    the people who visited came from all over the world...  Mostly from Iceland though... maybe I should just blog in Icelandic.

Out of these visits there were almost 3500 referalls from other websites. My main traffic sources are Ravelry , and google.

Earnings were none,  well in all fairness I earned around 11 € with google adds, but as google only pays when the amount of 70€ is reaches, there is no payday for me. I was hoping to support my yarn addiction with adds... no such luck. In the almost 8000 hits there were 57 clicks for adds. Not a good track record so in other words, not really worth it to have google adds.  As I would need to blog in 7 years to get any payday, and then it would not even amount to much.

I made over 29 projects last year, and mostly sweaters and mittens. I made my fist pair ever of mittens this year and apparantly I like to make mittens.

 Who did I knit for?

I exceeded my goal of 12 projects in 2012,  haven´t set myself any goals for 2013 yet.