Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas gifts

We got some knitting related gifts this Christmas,  I didn´t give any this year.

Grandma made this for my 3 year old

The pattern is from Sandnes and grandma made some alterations, she left out the pattern at the bottom. I like it much better this way I must say than the original.  Grandma seems to have picked the colors from the pattern. 

I got (was on my wishlist) from DH, a double pointed knit pro sock needle set and amimo knit collection 2010. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Mittens

I made these in one evening, we had a "secret-Santa" game at work today, and I had this yarn on hand (leftover from this cardigan), and I really would rather be at home and watch some tv and knit than go out to a store right before Christmas.

I didn´t have time to properly photograph them, due to nearly no light at this time of the year.

Yarn: Álafoss Lopi 
Needles 4mm and 5 mm

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smelly mittens

Last summer I stopped at a Thingborg (wool center) and bought yarn intended for mittens for me.  It is run by a group of wool enthusiastic women,  and they specially pick (supposedly the best part of the wool) and they only use mild soap (so no evil chemicals are used), they don´t use any synthetic dyes, and t they handspin the yarn.

I really love the wool, but... there is a big BUT.... the wool smells like a sheep... I know a shock right... wool that comes from a sheep smells like a sheep...  So the yarn has just been sitting around at home and I don´t know if I was hoping that the smell would magically disappear.  I have however been suffering some allergies since starting work again and I can´t really smell that much now, so I took the opportunity to use the wool now.

The mittens are warm, thick and will be so much better after some wear...  Since the yarn I choose were natural colors the white sometimes was gray and the gray sometimes was white... so in some parts of the mittens It looks like I did errors... but I really was very careful and I frogged a lot of times only to find out that I hadn´t made any errors.  I wanted them to be perfect since I´m planning to give these away...   just hope the person won´t mind the smell... and that they really are not perfect.. you can really tell that they are handmed..

Pattern: In the book "Vettlingabókin - gamlir og nýjir vettlingar" 
Yarn: Thingborg  2 ply 100% pure wool
needles:  3 mm and 4.5mm