Saturday, April 28, 2012

Colour crazy!

I just added some yarn to my stash, and I just love these colours together.
We took a roadtrip today and went out to the "countryside" to a wool factory outlet
All the lovely icelandic wool was screaming at me to take it all home with me... but I resisted and only bought what I had planned. I will be knitting a sweater for me in these colours, double stranded with 2 different kinds of yarn "plötulopi" which is unspun 100% wool and "einband" which is  lace weight.

I have had in my mind to some kind of an old school sweater for myself... almost grannystyle after I saw this sweater (which obviously has inspired some of my colour choises)

And when I saw this old pattern from Istex I kew I just had to use this pattern and make a sweater in pink :) But I had one problem, this was a sold out pattern and my idea was somehow put on ice.  But then one of my coworkers suggested going to the public library, which I did after work on friday and found the pattern magazine, and I could borrow it for a whole month!!!  Who knew library´s were so much fun.. must go there again soon just to browse some knitting magazines. 
I don´t know when this pattern was published (maybe early 1990´s), when does a knitting pattern go out of patent?  I work with generic drugs so I was wondering what are the rules with regards to knitting.  What is the difference between patent and copyright in knitting?  There are some sites with free vintage knitting patterns and I guess they are all gone off patent/copyright but when does a pattern go out of patent/copyright.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Addition to my stash

Bought this yarn yesterday evening (in iceland you can buy yarn in grocery stores,that are open 24-7) , just had to buy it so that I could have it in my stash if i would suddenly decide to knit myself socks this weekend.  Planning to knit traditional Icelandic/Nordic countries socks with the traditional rose on the front (similar as I used for the sweater below)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project 8 - modifications to pattern

I modified this  free drops pattern so it would fit the yarn I used for the Mushroom Raglan, and my almost 21 month old girl. 

These are the first ever pants I have knitted, and they are very easy and quick to make.

  • cast on: according to the 6-9 months size (96 stitches), 
  • work the pattern until you get to the increases, then increase total of 10 times and end up with 116 stitches (now you have the stitches amount as the 12-18 months size)
  • divide the stitches according to the 12-18 month size (52 stitches on each leg)
  • when knitting the legs, decrease as for 12-18 month size, but knit the desired lengt (I knitted 23 cm as the 2 years size recommends), then I increased as the 12-18 month size to 54 stitches

I love how they are snug fitting at the waist and the legs are just the right width.  The increases/decreases are a bit strange for me , not the most beautiful part of the pants and I might use this pattern again but would change the increases/decreases... not sure how but will need to try some other pant patterns to find the perfect pants pattern but these are pritty darn close. 

Project 8 - pictures

The pants are ready,  I´m pleased with the outcome, they are a bit long, but I did that on purpose so that they will be perfect next winter.  The recipient of the pants was happy.  

I have decided to sew a heart on the knees, the method is a success and the instructions are very simple (just followed the picture)  however the heart I sewed on was way to small, the proportions are a bit off,  need to make a more appropriate size before I can declare this project finished

I used a drops pattern, but made some modifications, so that they fitted my slim baby and the yarn I used. Will be publishing the modifications I made.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Most used garment in my wardrobe

My mom knitted this sweater for my when I was 14-15 years old, so the sweater is 18 -19 years old.  The sweater is in surprisingly good condition, the yarn is either "Peer Gynt" or "Smart"  Sandnes yarns.

The colour choices were a compromise between me and my mom.   I used it last this weekend . I use it every time we go skiing (which was a lot ... not so anymore), I have used it golfing (I´m not good at it nor do it frequently, but hope to do more of it in the future) and on many occations. It has travelled with me to many places, lived with me in denmark for 6 years.  I love my striped cardigan.  But I´m ready for some new knitted garments in my wardrobe, and I have given up hope that my mom is going to make any more sweaters for me.

So after the pants  I will finish the chunky-cardigan I had started on.  The pants are a quick knit but I have not been knitting that much, so still remains a little bit (1-2 evenings in front of the tv) , I need to finish  almost 10 cm on the end of each leg with ribbing, and then sew the crotch together,  sew the waist with an elastic, weave in ends, wash and then to my favorite part the embellishment, can´t wait to try.  Either a star or a heart that will be sewn into the garnment o the knees.

                                         Here is were I left off with my chuncky garther cardigan

                                          It is garther stitch but looks like crocheting in this picture
                                          Here can you see how thick it is... very chunky indeed.

After I finish the Chunky Garther Cardigan I´m planning on another sweater for me, not just sure yet what to do, seems that I fall more easily in love with children´s clothes , maybe because they are not as big as a commitment as knitwear has been for me :)  I´m hoping that it will not be again 18-19 years until I get the next knitted sweater.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 8 - in progress

I have started on pants to go with the mushroom raglan.  I´m planning on adding some kind of embellishment, maybe a star as made.

or maybe knit a heart and sew it on

or maybe just sew into the fabric with this method:

They will be only in the lighter purple shade (not an accurate colour on this picture, better presentation on the pictures of the mushroom raglan).  And with darker purple embellishment.. not sure if I will use the yellow.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project 7 - finished with instructions on how to make

Finished with project nr 7,  a sweater for my 20 month old.

Not my design, but really liking how it turned out.  I was obviously very influenced and I´m not claiming that I designed this.

If you would like to make your own Mushroom Raglan in 2 year old size the instructions are below:

 I was inspired by two free patterns,  the first one is here:
The only thing I ended up using from this pattern was the yarn and colour combination

Then I saw this free pattern for a mushroom sweater and I knew I just had to knit something with these mushrooms.

The only thing I used from this pattern was the chart for the mushrooms (toadstool?) which you can find on the following link

Not my design, but really liking how it turned out.

If you would like to make your own Mushroom Raglan in 2 year old size here are the instructions:

Yarn:  Smart (Sandnes yarn) , light purple 5226, dark purple 5229, yellow 2206

Gauge (after wash) (4.5mm//7US//7UK needles)  10x10 cm//3,9x3,9inches =   21 stitches x 20 rounds

Cast on 120 stitches in yellow (4mm //6US//8UK needles) ,  *k2,p2* until 2,5 cm//1 inch
Change to 4.5mm//7US//7UK needles and knit one round in lighter shade of purple while increasing until 128 stitches (*k15,m1*repeat).
Then follow the mushroom chart

 Knit until 24 cm long

Cast on 40 stitches in yellow  (4mm //6US//8UK needles)) , *k2,p2* until 2,5 cm//1 inch
Change to 4.5mm//7US//7UK needles and knit one round in lighter shade of purple while increasing until 48 stitches (*k5,m1*repeat).  
Knit until 24 cm long

add the sleeves to the body,  keep 8 stitches on middle of each sleeve, and each side of the body (56 stitches between the 8 stitches on the body)  (192 stitches in total to be knitted)
make a raglan decrease ,  mark where the sleeves attach to the body with two marks ( 8 markers in total) with 2 stitches inbetween that are alwasy knitted in light purple

Raglan decrease
- Knit until you have 2 stitches left to a marker , then SKP (slip 1, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch),
- knit the 2 stitches between the markes
- Knit 2 toghether

Repeat at all 8 marks so that you decrease in total 8 stitches in each round.  Total of 16 rounds.  You will have 64 stitches

Change to yellow (4mm //6US//8UK needles) and knit one round while decreasing until you have 60 stitches. 

*k2,p2* until  5 cm//2 inch    

Graft underarms
Fold the collar down and sew on the inside of the sweater.
Weave in ends

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Neon in Knitwear

I´m loving Neon in Knitwear, I thought I would never ever love neon again, but I was wrong. Just like I thought I would never love Dr.Martins again and many other things, I will forever be a victim of fashion. Seems that I have been brainwashed to like neon...





Friday, April 13, 2012

Project 6 - Smitten with Mittens

This was my Easter project,  I did not have enough yarn for my chunky cardigan so I did cast on for mittens for my 20 month old.  These are the first mittens I ever make.

She just got in daycare starting this summer/fall and so I had to make some mittens for her. I wanted to make traditional Icelandic/Nordic mittens,  and not sure I ever will again, not loving the size 2mm/2.5mm needles.  I used leftover merino wool yarn (Lanett) that i had from a previous project for her. It didn´t start out well and I accidentally knitted first to mittens for the same hand.
She however loves them and couldn´t be more happier, so I might do this again as nothing is better than to knit for someone who appreciates it. 

It was however a bit difficult to direct her for the photos as she has a hard time standing still. I have also casted on for next project but not been able to knit at all this week. The next project is a sweater for my girl, another daycare project. I´m planning to do a sweater/pants/hat/scarf  all in the same colours so that she can be colour-coordinated out in the playground. 

Photoshoot Direction nr 1 - show me your mittens, and lift them up to your face
 Photoshoot Direction nr 2 - show me your face also
 Photoshoot Direction nr 3 - show me also the front of your mittens
 Photoshoot Direction nr 4 - take the mittens away from your face

At that point I knew I had to change my directions (dad picked the outfit this morning), she was so happy with the mittens and wanted to take them to grandma and grandpa who are taking care of her while mommy and daddy work, and I wanted pictures before she went because I was afraid she might loose them so this was an in-prompt u photo-shoot.

Photoshoot  Direction nr 5 -  Sit down and put the mittens on your lap

 She did not look up just watched her mittens and if she looked up the mittens came with her...   So I scrapped the idea of getting a good photo this morning of her and the mittens and just opened the patio door and put the mittens on the grass. (seems that I forgot to take a picture of the thumb)

I love the outcome, but I put so much work into these mittens and I´m afraid that she will loose them, not sure they will be worth the hazzle if she does loose them. But if she can keep them for the next winter they will be great. So warm and thick and still comfortable and light.  Now I wan´t one for myself, but not have the patience/time to make them now.  Could use another yarn type and bigger needles but I just love them on small needles.  Only time will tell if I am indeed now smitten with mittens. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 5 - free pattern - icelandic version

Stærð : L

Mál :
Brjóst ummál  106 cm 
Ermalengd: 53 cm 
Bolur lengd 47 cm 

Prjónfesta (eftir þvott wash):  
10cm x 10 cm  15 stitches x 21 rounds
3,93 inches x 3,93 inches  - 15 stitches x 21 rounds

Garn:   Léttlopi
-Svört:  1 dokka  (0059)                        
- Ljós grár -8 dokkur (0056)    

4 mm // US 6 // UK 8
5 mm // US 8 // UK 6

Fitja upp 172 lykkjur á 4 mm  prjóna
 * 2 sléttar,  2 brugðnar*  - endurtaka þar til náð hefur verið 7 cm (prjónið í hring)

Skipta yfir á  5 mm  prjóna

Umferð 1:  *2 brugnðar , 2 sléttar* endurtaka 6 sinnum, síðan 2 brugðnar.  Prjóna restina af umferðinni slétt.

Endurtaka umferð 1 þangað til þú hefur prjónað 44 cm.


Fitja upp 48 lykkjur í gráu á 4 mm prjóna,  tengið í hring og prjónið  * 2 sléttar,  2 brugðnar*  - endurtaka þar til náð hefur verið 7 cm (prjónið í hring). Skipta yfir á  5 mm  prjóna. Auka út í næstu umferð 2 lykkjur (1 eftir fyrstu lykkjuna og eina fyrir seinustu lykkjuna).  Síðan endurtaka útaukninguna í 7 hverri röð, stamtals 10 sinnum. Svo að þú hefur í allt 68 lykkjur.  Prjóna síðan þangað til að ermin mælist 51 cm.

 Settu 12 lykkur á hjálparband.   Prjónaðu síðan hina ermina alveg eins.

Þú ert nú með 308 lykkjur (68 lykkjur hver ermi, 172 lykkjur bolur)

Prjónaðu 31 lykkju ( ef þú villt að rendurnar verði í miðjunni, prjónaðu þá 43 lykkjur)
Settu 12 lykkjur á hjálparband - tengdu fyrstu ermina - prjónaðu restina af erminni
Prjónaðu 64 lykkjur
Settu 12 lykkjur á hjálparband - tengdu seinni ermina - prjónaðu restina af erminni
Prjónaðu 55 lykkjur ( ef þú villt að rendinrar verði í miðjunni, prjónaðu þá 55 lykkjur).

Ég valdi að hafa rendurnar ekki í miðjunni, en bæði mamma mín og tengdamamma komu með athugasemdir á rendirnar ákvað því að setja valmöguleikann um að hafa þær í miðjunni. 

Það eru samtals 48 lykkjur á hjálparbandi. 

Prjónaðu aðra umferð með gráu , með 6 jöfnum útaukningum, þannig að þú verðir með í allt 240 lykkjur  fyrir munstur (266-26 lykkjur sem eru rendurnar).  Þú heldur alltaf áfram að prjóna rendurnar (2 brugðnar, 2 sléttar ... )

Prjónaðu munstrið hérna að neðan

Næst eru úrtökurnar


Prjónaðu rendurnar áfram án úrtaka (26 lykkjur)

*prjóna 6, prjóna 2 saman* endurtaka    (206 +26 lykkjur í lok umferðar))
prjóna 7 umferðir án úrtakna

*prjóna 5, prjóna 2 saman* endurtaka   (172 +26 lykkjur í lok umferðar)
prjóna 7 umferðir án úrtakna

*prjóna 4, prjóna 2 saman* endurtaka  (138+26 lykkjur í lok umferðar)
prjóna 4 umferðir án úrtakna

*prjóna 3, prjóna 2 saman* endurtaka  (104+26 lykkjur í lok umferðar)
prjóna 4 umferðir án úrtakna

*prjóna 2, prjóna 2 saman* endurtaka  (70+26 lykkjur í lok umferðar)
prjóna 2 umferðir án úrtakna

Taka úr jafnt 20 lykkjur yfir 70 munsturlykkjurnar,  þannig að þú sért með samtals 76 lykkjur
prjóna 2 umferðir án úrtakna

Skipta yfir á 4 mm prjóna, og prjóna 2 brugðnar, 2 sléttar þangað til þú ert með 7 cm.  Fella síðan af.

Ganga frá undir höndum og ganga frá lykkjum.

Project 5 - free pattern english version

 I wanted to make something that was snug-fitting and simple for my husband.  I decided to have the "stripes/rib" not in the middle so it would not be to predictable.

Size: L

Finished measurements :
Chest circumference:  106 cm // 41,7 inches 
Sleeve length: 53 cm // 20,9 inches
Body length: 47 cm // 18,5 inches
Gauge (after wash):  
10cm x 10 cm  15 stitches x 21 rounds
3,93 inches x 3,93 inches  - 15 stitches x 21 rounds

Yarn:   Léttlopi -  50g/1,75oz 100m/109 yd  per skein
-Black:  1 skein                              Shade 0059
- Light grey -8 skeins                      Shade 0056

4 mm // US 6 // UK 8
5 mm // US 8 // UK 6

Cast on 172 stitches with grey on 4 mm // US 6 // UK 8  needles
 * knit 2, purl 2*  - repeat until you have knitted 7 cm (knit in the round)

Change to 5 mm // US 8 // UK 6 needles.

Round 1:  *Purl 2 , knit 2* repeat 6 times, then purl 2.  Then knit the rest of the round.

Repeat round 1 until you have knitted 44 cm.

Cast on 48 stitches in grey  on 4 mm // US 6 // UK 8  needles,  join in the round and knit 7 cm of  *knit 2, purl 2*Change to  5 mm // US 8 // UK 6 Needles and start to knit stockinette.     Increase in the first round 2 stitches ( 1  after the first stitch and 1 before the last stitch).   Then repeat these increases in every 7th round, in total 10 times. So that you will have in total 68 stitches.   Then knit until the sleeve measures 51 cm.  

Put 12 stitches in the middle on a yarn in another colour  (where the increases were), this will be under the arm.

Knit the second sleeve identical to the first one.

You now have 308 Stitches ( 68 stitches each sleeve, 172 stitches body ).   

Knit 31 stitches (if you like it assymmetrical like me, if you would like to have the ribs in the middle knit 43 stitches*)
Put 12 stitches on a yarn of another colour and keep for the finishing under the arms.
Connect the first sleeve – knit the rest of the sleeve
Knit 64 stitches
Put 12 stitches on a yarn of another colour and keep
Connect the second sleeve – knit the rest of the sleeve
Knit 55 stitches (if you like assymmetrical like me, if you would like to have the ribs in the middle knit 43 stitches*).

*The option of having the ribs in the middle was made for my mother and mother in law who thought I had made an error and prefer everything to be symmetrical. 

There will be 48 stitches under the arms that are not knitted but kept on a yarn, 

Knit another round in (total 2 rounds, then knit the chart below) with 6 even increases so that you will have in total 240 stitches for the pattern (266 -26 for the stribes.  Always knit the ribs as described above (26 stithces with purl2,knit2, purl2....  ) 

After you have finished the chart knit 1 round and then start the decreases.


Knit the stripes/ribs as usual and do not do any decreases in them (26 stitches)

*knit 6, then k2tog*    (206 +26 stitches after the decreases)
knit 7 rounds without decreases

*knit 5, then k2tog*  repeat  (172 +26 stitches after the decreases)
knit 7 rounds without decreases

*knit 4, then k2tog* repeat (138+26 stitches after the decreases)
knit 4 rounds without decreases

*knit 3, then k2tog* repeat (104+26 stitches after the decreases)
knit 4 rounds without decreases

*knit 2, then k2tog*  repeat (70+26 stithces after the decreases)
knit 2 rounds without decreases

Decrease evenly 20 stitches over the 70 stitches,  so that you will have in total 76 stithces. 
Knit 2 rounds without decreases

Change to needle size 4 mm // US 6 // UK 8 and *knit 2, purl 2* for 7 cm.  Bind off.

Graft underarms, weave in ends.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project 5 - pictures - traditional icelandic with a twist

It seems that there will be no end to the rain, so I went ahead and took some pictures of project 5. Will however probably replace them at some point with newer pictures.  My ever so willing and handsome model is the hubby, the sweater was made for him.

I´m calling the sweater  "traditional with a twist".

All the details about the project, with a pattern/instructions to come.   

I have already started on the next project (nr. 6). 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project 5 finished..

Project 5 is finished, I like it but don´t love it.  Might be the fact that it is a mis-match of two ideas and I maybe liked my first idea best...    It is now drying, the husband likes it so that is the most important thing since he will be wearing it.  I´m hoping for some good weather this easter so that we can enjoy the outdoors and get some pictures of the new sweater.

Now I´m thinking of finishing all the black yarn I bought on sale. Maybe garther stitch and some kind of a Summer "jacket"-type, not sure whether I have enough yarn, as I will have to have it double threaded as I want it to be thick and chunky.  I´m maybe thinking of a big collar, and big buttons in black or silver, maybe asymmetrical?   Here are some inspirations for my next project, link to original source can be found on my pinterest board