Friday, November 23, 2012


I was going to share a UFO with you to force me to finish it..

This cardigan was supposed to be a christmas present, but my husband pointed out that the recipient likes pink and princesses, and that a blue cardigan with just a few stripes of pale pink might not be very well appreciated, so I lost interest as this is much bigger size than for my 2 year old and I don´t have any other girl that could use this. And as there is pale pink stripes I´m not sure a boy would like it any more...  

But it seems that it doesn´t work for me, I have already shared 2 UFOs here on the blog earlier.

Cardigan for me

and a baby cardigan

But maybe next year when I will be on maternity leave with less budget for yarn I will finish these.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

more baby stuff

I finished the white devil-hat a while ago, but the red one I knitted yesterday evening. We had a get-together at work, where we knitted and crocheted and etc. 


size: newborn size, modifications found here
yarn- drops baby alpaca silk
needles- 2 mm

Red hat:

size: 0-3months
yarn- Tynn alpakka
needles- 2.5mm

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shell Cardigan

The cardigan is ca 6 months size, but i might be able to start to use it earlier and at least until she is one years old.  I still haven´t decide how many buttons to include on the cardigan, any suggestions? Contemplating whether to have just one , three, or all the way down.

Pattern: did not use a pattern, calculated from my gauge and used a online size chart, to estimate the size. I knitted bottom up (my preferred method
Shell stitch: can be found in many free patterns on Ravelry, f.ex this here, I fell in love with it in a Icelandic mitten pattern book, with patterns made from old Icelandic mittens.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Snowflake pullover - pattern released

The pattern for the snowflake pullover i tested has been released, and can now be bought through Ravelry

I can recommend this pattern, it is knit top-down, simple and a fast knit (at least in such a small size with 3,5mm needles)

Link to the pattern on Ravelry:
Link to my project page on Ravelry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free patterns - Sophie Missgraindesel

I saw these two free patterns on ravelry and I really like them, think I must knit one of them in the future

Short sleeve Cardigan in size 3 year old
Link to the pattern on Ravelry:

Short sleeve sweater in size 4/5 years old
Link to the pattern on Ravelry:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shell stitch Cardigan

My husband was 2 weeks in Oslo working.  My idea of a good time really isn´t to being home alone 7 months pregnant with a 2 year old for 2 weeks.  But we survived remarkably well, apart from 2 year old suffering for 48 hours with vomitting, followed by 48 hours of diare.  But  I got presents when he got back (well I arranged for them, my sister in law who lives in Drammen went and bought them).   I got 3 skeins of Tynn Alpakka in tomato red, and they are now on they´re way to becomming a cardigan.

After the mittens with the shell stitch, I wanted to do something more with this lacestitch and since I never found the perfect pattern for this yarn I decided to make my own pattern up.  

I also got the book strik for nøstebarn, and will at some point get around to knitting from it. I have seen many lovely things knitted from this book, so I will without a doubt get some use out of it

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have bought two balaclavas for my daughter, and none of them have fit perfectly, one I can still return but the other one we had already started to use.  I gave up on the idea to find the perfect one in the stores so I decided to knit one.  And it was perfect on the first try, warm, soft and well fitting.

Yarn: Dale Baby Ull , color: 0007 (dye lot 5015),  little bit less then two skeins (maybe 95g)
I knitted with double strands of the "dale baby ull". 
Size:  1 year old (80 stitches cast on) ,  fits perfectly on my 2 year old

No I´m just considering whether I should embellish it or not. 

Update: it doesn´t fit so well anymore, got looser with wear.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pattern search

I´m expecting 3 skeins of Du store alpakka - tynd alpakka

So I have been thinking what to do with them, searching ravelry for inspiration. 

Here are some of my thoughts:

Pixie hat with collar :
Lettstrikket babylue .
Little sisters dress:
Baby undertrøje:
Drops - hat in 2 threads alpaca
Liten lue
Bestefar´s trøje:

There are some other patterns that I´m considering, but since nobody that had knitted with this yarn these patterns did indicate the amount of yarn used, so I´m not sure I would be brave enough to try these.

Maybe I will just make a sweater/cardigan or something that fit´s exactly for 3 skeins... or I will do hat, mittens and socks ...    This yarn is intended for the girl I´m expecting, but then I really wan´t to make a pixie hat with collar for my 2 year old, but alpaca might not be the best idea , too much stretching.

Maybe I will make another of these, just in size 6 months (for next sommer) as I really do love this old icelandic pattern where the yoke comes from, but I recently made a sweater in 6-12 months size  so maybe not the most practical thing.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Baby scarf , pattern is from Sandnes (don´t know which leaflet as it has been translated to icelandic and put in a  Icelandic knitting magazine) and supposed to be knitted in lanett. I used yarn that was supposed to be a baby-jumpsuit and I frogged as I have a kind of love-hate relationship with this yarn (drops baby alpaca silk) it is so soft and lovely, but every imperfection can be seen when knitted. Of course it get´s better after wash but I still can see some mismatches after wash.

Pattern: after some ravelry search I found out that it is this pattern:
Yarn: Drops baby alpaca silk
needles: 2.5 mm