Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The facebook fairy

I put out a wish for a swifter for christmas on facebook and it seems that the Facebook fairy heard me...... (or that my mom follows me on facebook)

I got the umbrella swift below as a christmas present from my mom and dad.

I have a birthday coming up in two months so if anyone out there has started to look for a gift, this is what I´m wishing for that is knitting related ( can´t hurt to put it out there the birthday fairy might be listening)
- Dobble pointed needle set, I have some various dobble pointed needles inherited from my mom but there are often missing one needle and I lack a lot of sizes, and they are all metal and I like more to knit from wood, so a set would be perfect.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas - Free pattern released on Ravelry

I hope you enjoy this christmas present from me to you, the cardigan comes in 4 sizes (0-3months, 6 months, 12, months 18 months) , I knitted the 6 months size and the other sizes have been tested. I have  released the pattern on Ravelry. 


Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have a lot of Einband and Plötulopi, since I won´t be finishing a planned project.  Made mittens from the book "strik til nøstebarn".  

They ended up way to thick, I went on the istex website to check the ply, and there was no mention of it,  I assumed it would be 1ply. I therefore knitted with 4 strands of Einband, a mistake on my behalf. Realised later that on ravelry Einband is categorised as 2 ply.  The mittens are therefore a bit thick, and stiff... hope that they will soften up a bit with wear. Not sure if they will be used a lot.  On the bright side my 2 year old likes the colors very much.

I have not been knitting anything in the last 2 weeks... just sleeping and sleeping... very pregnant and hoping not to give birth on the 24th of desember, any other day soon would be fine.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Shell Cardigan - test knit

I had the pattern I made for the shell cardigan, tested on Ravelry, well technically it is still being tested.

And the first tester has finished they´re version of the sweater, and I loved that version, here is a link to the sweater that the tester knitted: (only buttons missing)

I can´t release the pattern now, because it needs some improvements before I can do that. I love making knitted things without a pattern, and I often write them down so that I can replicate what I did (often not done that and than regretted it), but I´m not sure I do have the desire to write patterns (a lot of work if to be well done, but maybe practice makes perfect?)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Leftover Blanket

I was trying to figure out how much yarn I have, and what I could do with it, before I go and buy me some more.  As in approximatly 3 weeks we will be 4 in this 2 bedroom apartment... so I frankly don´t have any room for yarn hoarding. 

I found about 6 not full skeins of Létt-Lopi and decided to start on a blanket... not my brightest idea (I blame it on the pregnancy), as I will need to buy more yarn than I had in the beginning and probably create more leftover yarn.   This is what I have so far, I bought 3 extra skeins (and the brown is the only new skein so far).  I´m not sure whether to just make a baby blanket and try to use as much of the yarn that I have or make a full blown blanket....  The knitting is going very slowly, and again I blame it on the pregnancy.. I just don´t have the energy to knit.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lopi - mittens

I made these mittens for my brother, for his birthday.

Next time I will change the decreases at the top...

Yarn: Létt Lopi 
Needles: 3.5 mm
Modifications: 40 stitches cast on, 17 stitches for thumb