Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who wore it best?

Nearly ready, only steeking and crochet border left.  I used the oppertunity to take pictures of my sister in it while she visited today.

My older daughter wanted in on the action and believe it or not she styled her hair herself and made up the poses.

And also a picture of me in the unfinished cardigan, I still have a few kg to go after the birth of my younger daughter but I´m working on it.  I´m also the one with the long arms in my family, my sister is a swimmer she could have used some of my armlength ;)

My mom was cold, so she borrowed the "cardigan" and I of course took the oppertunity to photograph her  in it as well.

If you are wondering, I think  my sister wears it the best (sorry mom).

Friday, May 24, 2013


I´m not sure if I should call this progress, as this has taken me a month to get this far (on 6mm needles).

I sure look forward to finish this and get started with something else.

Can you find the error I made, or should we call it personal touch on the pattern?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Alpacca sweater

My younger daughter needed another sweater, and I already have more planned (please don´t tell my husband).  She needed something now that it is spring and it is to warm to wear the snowsuit, she only has some open sweaters that are partly buttoned and I felt that her tommy would be cold.  And this one fits with a bit of room to grow (maybe not very wise of me how little room there is to grow, and I should maybe give this away but I´m not always rational).

The hat and mittens were blogged about previously here

She seems to like it

Pattern: none, though heavily inspired by several icelandic patterns (part of the chart (bottom, and sleeaves and start of the yoke comes from a free pattern)
Yarn: Sandnes Alpakka (gray and white), Dale royal alpakka (pink)
Needles: 3 and 3.5mm
notes to self:  cast on 108 stitches for body (18 cm), sleeves cast on 32 stitches, increase to 36 before chart, 6 rounds after the chart increase to 38 stithces, then knit 6 rounds and increase to 40 stithces (16.3 cm)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yarn swap

I just got my package in the mail in the spring-time yarn swap, it came from Anna in Norway

I got 2 skeins Dale baby ull , Japp chockolade (mmm... already halfeaten) and stitch stoppers .I  don´t own stitch stoppers so I look forward to try them, I love to have way to many stitches on circular needles and then I often have the problem that when I next get to my projects some of the stitches have fallen of the needles, hoping that this will be the answer to that. 
Not sure what to do with the yarn yet, I recently exchanged some yarn with my mom so I have several skeins of this yarn in different colors. I really like to knit with it, so now I´m off to ravelry to get inspiration on how to use it. 

Thank you Anna, I specially loved the chockolate, felt like I was back in norway :) I therefore got a bit nostalgic when recieving the chockolate. I have spent some months working in norway 2002 (Asker), and also spent some time there as a kid while my mom worked in Førde sjukehus, she's a nurse. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby gifts - the sequel

My younger girl got this from my dad´s twin sister.

My older daugher wasn´t left out, she got socks and a dress (don´t know where the socks are, so I didn´t photograph them, she started to use them right away).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knitspiration - lopi3

Looking for something to knit, here is some inspiration that I saw on pinterest.

Pattern: Astrid
Love this color combination, would look great with either black or blue as main color.

This pattern is also from the book , knitting with icelandic wool.